Month: August 2019

Common Misconceptions about DTG Printing


Direct to Garment Printer is recent in the market. DTG printers have opened new channels for digital decorators, yet there are so many myths about it going around. Here are the common misconceptions on the Direct to Garment Printer.

1. DTG printers are too slow for actual production

Yes, DTG printers are slower compared to screen printing. That is why they are recommended for low volume jobs. Alternatively, to increase production, you should consider getting multiple machines, which will increase your production potential.

2. White ink will always clog on the DTG printer

How to Install Canon CLI-271 Ink Cartridges?

 Attachment Details install-canon-cli-271

Canon CLI271 Ink cartridge offers improved color, better colorfastness, and a broader color gamut compared to other ink cartridges. With the smart LED, you are in a position to know whether you have installed the tank properly and when the ink tank needs to be replaced.

You can refill your inkjet PIXMA printer with Canon CLI271 ink tank. Its dye-based system enables users to come up with stunning images, which can last a century if properly stored in an archival high-quality photo album.

Process of Installation

Comparing DTG and Screen Printing

For decades now, screen printing has been the main deal in the market. However, direct to garment (DTG) printers have taken over the market, with the most recent model being the famous DTG P600, which makes DTG P600 not only the latest but the best one too. However, which one is better for you?

Before making a decision on which printer is ideal for you, you need to understand the pros and cons of each. You can do this by following the production details and how these applications will be of benefit to your venture is essential.