Month: February 2019

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Printer

Replace Your PrinterSometimes, it is not easy to say goodbye to someone or something that you have trusted for so many years. The same goes when using a printer that you have been with for so long especially if it has a significant value to you. So when is the proper time to finally say goodbye to your Canon 509 or other printers of yours? The signs below will give you a hint.

1. Print quality is becoming poor.

Easy Steps to Manually Clean Your Clogged Ink Cartridge

If your printer hasn’t been used for a long time or if your ink cartridge is exposed to air, this will result in a clogged ink cartridge. This will result in a negative print output or it won’t print at all.

There are some easy steps on how to manually clean your clogged ink cartridge.

  1. Remove the clogged ink cartridge from the printer but be sure to use the proper method in removing it. If you’re using a Canon PIXMA MG3520 Ink Cartridge, be sure to read the manual first on how to properly remove it because some brands have different ways of cartridge removal.