Month: November 2016

Are Laser Printers the Best Choice for Small Offices?

Most people consider a laser printer to be the best choice for any office that prints frequently (roughly 500 pages a month). If you are printing monochrome (black) only, there is still some truth to that statement. If you are printing color and monochrome, the best new “laser printer” for you may actually be an inkjet printer.

When you are looking to buy a new laser printer, it is important to consider all the facts before making the purchase.

Assuming you have a $500 budget for a new printer, which one is the best value?

Why Is Lexmark 150xl Ink And Printer Popular?

The ideal scenario to buy a printer would be to choose relatively popular models so that you can find generic ink cartridges. You should always avoid less popular printers or new models that might end up in having fewer ink cartridges to choose from for better savings in the long run. Lexmark suppliers and manufacturers are skilled enough to engineer the best work in sync with both the Lexmark printer and ink. Both the printer and ink cartridge have the capability to deliver excellent print quality from the first page to the last.

OEM Lexmark 150 Ink Or Compatible Ink Cartridges?

As the days are passing, printer manufacturers are lessening the ink quantity in printer cartridge. In such a time, consumers need a product which will offer them quality ink with lesser cost or larger amount of ink in the cartridge. Since the Original Equipment Manufacturers will not let it happen, therefore, the compatible ink manufacturers are stepping in to improve the state of affairs in the industry.

Lexmark 150 Ink: Trustworthy As A Brand

Inkjet cartridge is basically the reservoir of ink whether be black or colored. This all started around twenty years back when printers were just invented in 1976. Lexmark, now surely have become the house hold name after Hewlett Packard came into site. It started mass production and then there was no looking back for Lexmark.

Lexmark 150 Ink is blood to printers and you can find various types of inks available in market but inkjet printers are more suitable for common man’s needs. The stored ink in it sprays through a nozzle called printer head, which makes very small dots of ink. In case of colored inkjet cartridge, the colors are pooled over to form lush and consistently toned colored images.