Month: September 2016

Cheap Lexmark 150 Ink Perfect to Use for Budget Conscious People

Compatible Lexmark cartridges as third party development components makes you able to keep your printer going for a longer time as reduced costs. With these alternative replacements, you can enjoy producing rich, dark, durable prints in vivid colors. You can purchase these cartridges with your printer’s type and model number online to save half of your printing costs. Lexmark 150 cartridges provide convenience of speedy doorsteps delivery to the user for both home and office use. Professionals use lots of sophisticated production techniques to manufacture replacement for Lexmark 150 printer series. While purchasing online, you will find various options for combo packs and single cartridge that you can buy as per your need.

The HP Deskjet Turns 20 Years Old

2008 marks the 20th anniversary of the HP Deskjet line of inkjet printers.

Hard to believe it has been 20 years since the first, Deskjet printer was released. This machine didn’t have a model number in back in1988; it just arrived with a simple label- “Deskjet”. Little did we know that this black only, bulky, and expensive printer (in comparison to its’ contemporaries) would be the corner stone of the Hewlett Packard empire.

Beware of The $50 Printer!

How much will a $50 dollar printer really cost you?

These days, if you go down the printer isle at your local office store, you may see a few printers hovering around the $50 mark. You might think, “Wow! What a great deal”, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Lexmark was first manufacturer marketing $50 printers. The printer was a loss-leader and the sales of replacement cartridges subsidized the low initial cost. The cost of 1 set of replacement cartridges exceeded the value of the printer itself.

Inside Your Inkjet Printer: How Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered how your inkjet printer works?

How does the ink get from the inkjet cartridge to the paper? Why is the print quality is so clear? Why the printing is so quiet?

Generally, all that most people know is that there’s some movement and a faint high pitched sound when it’s printing something — and then the finished document comes out.

Unlike dot matrix and character printers that strike ribbons to create an image, inkjet printers do not physically touch the paper.